• Investment in People

    Investment in People

    We have an unremitting focus on selecting, training and retaining high quality people.
    Our international personnel have years
    of experience in challenging countries
    and the extractive sector. Our personnel
    are culturally sensitive with an aptitude for training and developing local national talent.

  • Ethical Behaviour

    Ethical Behaviour

    We are guided by ethical values that emphasise honesty, fairness, dignity and respect for the individual. We believe that strong ethics forms
    the bedrock for teams that perform under pressure and in difficult situations.

  • Stakeholders Relations

    Stakeholders Relations

    We believe that building strong and lasting relations with local stakeholders is the cornerstone of a sound business. We not only encourage this behaviour in our people but we believe that the services we provide in protecting the environment help foster strong relations between our clients and the local community.

  • Investment in Technology

    Investment in Technology

    We believe that by harnessing new technology
    to develop innovative solutions we are able
    to deliver a more focused and higher quality service to our oil, gas and mining clients.
    We also believe in providing the best quality equipment and plant in environments where such equipment can be difficult to get hold of.

Welcome to AES

AES has been born out of a passion to deliver high quality environmental services to our clients wherever they are based. We mostly operate in frontier and challenging regions whish is why we take special care on selecting the right people, developing local talent and investing in state of the art technology and equipment.


Brine Management

AES along with their filtration systems, vacuum trucks
and storage tanks…


Filtration Services

If the operator wishes to have tanks on site for well…


Waste Management

AES has the experience and the know how to put together…


Vacuum Truck Services

AES can design and set up mud plants and brine plants…